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In an effort to help streamline the scheduling process, we are posting our availability. For 2021 and beyond, Dr. McCarty has dedicated his full efforts towards the mobile practice setting. In an effort to ease scheduling conflicts, the majority of offices that intend to utilize Dr. McCarty’s anesthesia services on a regular basis have gone to “block scheduling” on an annual basis. We do intend to keep a number of “flex” sessions available for those offices who do not foresee routine need. If this is a scheduling method that appeals to your office, please contact us to make arrangements.

Please Note-

         -  the schedule is always dynamic in nature as plans can change rapidly due to factors out of                        our control (those in the interest of patients). As a result, if you are looking to schedule for a           

            patient in acute need, review the schedule often and contact our office @ 617.913.3363 so we can

            flag your request as a high priority. Most often, we can always provide for a patient in acute need

            with some flexibility on all parties' scheduling.


         -  Please refer to the following color scheme:

                      – currently booked for anticipated full day, a mid to late afternoon start may be feasible if     

                         geographic location is conducive

                      – partial or tentatively scheduled day with higher potential/ability for travel to an additional


                      – available throughout entire day (morning, afternoon or both sessions)

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